For Year 7 to Year 11. Our youth meetings seek to inspire and equip our young people to build a real, strong and exciting relationship with God, experiencing His love and living it out in their day to day lives.


On Sundays the youth stay in for the first part of the Sunday service, later joining their group meeting in a separate room on every other Sunday.  We discuss different subjects, often following themes that the church are studying and sometimes just taking time to pray and minister to each other. The youth meeting is a chance to be honest about real questions, real issues and to worship our real God. Our mission for this group is to grow deep roots of faith and to learn to live out our faith every day at school, college and with our friends and families.


The youth meet on Friday evenings every week at the Christian Life Centre, 51A East St, RH12 1HR. Friday evening is a social time for building friendships, enjoying time together and providing an opportunity to invite friends to meet together in an informal environment. We also organise activities including Go Karting, ice Skating, beach trips and BBQs.

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